I’ve always loved using oils on my skin and hair. They give me much better results than lotions or creams which seem to just evaporate after I apply them.

Healing Oils gives me a place to indulge in my little oil fetish since I can’t really talk to friends and family about oils 24/7 without them thinking I’ve gone off the deep end. I’ll mostly write about using carrier oils for health and wellness, but I dislike that term because it infers that these wonderful vegetable and seed oils are just something you use to dilute essential oils. They have too many wonderful properties to simply be thought of as a mule for aromatherapy.

I’m not against aromatherapy by any means. I use essential oils and they certainly have a place in my health regimen, but truthfully I’m not about to start distilling my own, whereas making infused oils is far simpler, often cheaper, and you get the same benefit from using the botanical that way.

Once I started researching oils and their benefits, it became clear pretty quickly that so many of the products we use and the foods we eat, would not exist or would not taste the way we expect them to if it were not for oils. Oils can do wonderful things for your health and appearance if you know the right ones to use. So, that’s what I’ll be talking about – choosing healing oils rich in antioxidants and nutrients that greatly benefit health. These oils are full of nutrition that will make your skin and hair glow.

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