Best Oil For Winter Workouts

It’s hard to stay motivated for winter workouts. As the weather gets colder and it gets darker earlier, your natural urge is to play a rousing game of couch potato in the evenings. Of course there’s the option of working out in the morning . . . when it’s even darker and colder.

Best Oil for Winter Workouts

Whatever time of day you choose to work out during the winter months, it’s important to reward yourself with little treats along the way to help you stay interested in exercising. I like to use herbal oils. Besides being great moisturizers, they have some added benefits that keep me motivated.

Winter Workouts

With cold weather comes dry skin. Having that tight dry feeling is just an excuse not to exercise so using oil as a moisturizer is a great option. Infusing the oil with herbs is an even better idea.

Herbs are great natural remedies for the aches, pains, and soreness that come with winter workouts. Here are a few worth considering—

Arnica is commonly used to treat wounds, bruises, and various types of inflammation. Applying arnica topically to sore muscles is very soothing.

Sea Buckthorn has a long use in herbal medicine. It’s rich in essential fatty acids as well as vitamin C, vitamin E and anthocyanins. Nowadays used for arthritis, diabetes, inflammation and eczema remedies among other things.

St. John’s Wort is thought of as a depression remedy, but it’s also a treatment for burns, bruises, and wounds.

Calendula is a flower commonly known as marigold. It contains anti-inflammatory compounds as well as lutein and beta carotene. It’s used to treat sunburn, wounds, and skin infections.

Best Oil for Winter

Here’s where the treat comes in. As a reward for working out, I’ll heat the oil while I’m in the shower. Just fill up the bathroom sink with hot water and throw the bottle in. By the time you come out the shower it’s nice and warm. Sort of like a whole body hot oil treatment. The oil will moisturize your dry skin and the herbs will treat your aches and pains at the same time.

My personal favorite is arnica. It has a lovely herbal smell and it’s better than any over-the-counter rub for muscle aches. Looks for formulas that are organic and free of toxins. When I feel like giving up on my winter workouts, this is what I focus on.

Look at the calendar – winter is never far away! Don’t wait too long to put these great healing oils to work for you!

Healing Herbal Oils

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  1. Thanks for the tip on how to warm the oils while showering. My skin always gets so dry during the winter so I’m definitely going to do a hot oil treatment for my body after working out and showering.

  2. What a great source of info on what oils are best for winter workouts. I am sure this will help many who are looking for the right oils when working out in the winter season!

  3. I never thought of using essential oils for this purpose, what a great idea. My husbands mom always recommends arnica for things, but we usually make a tea from it – I’ll have to check out the oil!

  4. I did not know this much about essential oils and how they could help! That’s really awesome! Thanks for all this helpful information, it’s really going to be useful once winter hits.

  5. My massage therapist gave me a cream with arnica in it several years ago, and I’ve been surprised by how well it works on sore muscles. I keep it on hand, and now I’ll have to check these out as well. I love using herbs when possible!

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