DIY Reed Diffuser

A DIY reed diffuser made with essential oils offers an all-natural alternative to commercial air fresheners. There are many products on the market to make your environment smell nice; however, many of these are made with petroleum-based chemicals which are not disclosed on the ingredient list.

So even if your favorite room spray contains formaldehyde, Butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT), or Acetaldehyde you won’t see it on the label. It’s likely grouped under the umbrella term ‘fragrance’. These chemicals can cause allergies, asthma, cancer, and even reproductive problems, but manufacturers are allowed to do this thanks to the Fair Packaging and Labeling Act of 1973.

Natural Diffuser Reeds

100PCS Reed Diffuser Sticks, 10 Inch Natural Rattan Wood Sticks Essential Oil Aroma Diffuser Sticks Refill Replacement for Aroma Fragrance DIY reed diffusers allow you to control the ingredients. They also don’t need electricity or heat to work. The reeds are full of microscopic channels that act as straws which draw the liquid up and release the scent into the air. If the scent starts to diminish, just flip the straws upside down.

You can pick up reeds at most craft stores or order them from online retailers. They’re very inexpensive. If you notice a lack of scent, it’s likely the reeds need to be changed out.  They last approximately 1-6 months and will gradually lose their ability to absorb.

Diffuser Bottles

Gift Set-Diffuser Glass Bottles Decorative Bottles Vases Set of 4 Empty Clear DIY Fragrance Reed Diffuser Storage Bottle with Reeds Sticks for Home Office Desk Decoration Wedding Valentine Girl Women The most important consideration when choosing a bottle is to choose one with a small opening. This will slow down evaporation of the liquid inside.

You may have recycled bottles at home that are good candidates for this project so feel free to use them.  You can also check out your local dollar store for bottles or buy something online made specifically for this purpose.

Let’s Make Reed Diffuser Oil

There are many recipes out there for reed diffuser oil. This recipe used here is water-based since water is easier to absorb than oil.

As we’re going to use essential oils, and oil and water don’t mix, we’ll need a binder. For this, we’ll use rubbing alcohol that is 99 USP, but you can also use vodka. Here’s the recipe:

Reed Diffuser Oil Recipe

  • 1/3 cup of water
  • 2 teaspoons of the rubbing alcohol or vodka
  • 20 drops essential oil

It’s a pretty simple recipe, but you can get creative with your own blend of essential oils and not have to worry about what you’re breathing in. If you’d like, you can also bottle it in a spray bottle and use it that way.

FAQ – DIY Reed Diffuser

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    • Antonia O
    • March 26, 2023

    Mmmmm …this is really insightful. Am very fond of essential oils and always looking for other ways to use them so this is good. Thanks

  1. Reply

    I have never tried a reed diffuser. This sounds like a great way to add some scents to my home. I love how easy this is!

  2. Reply

    Hhhmmm….for a moment there, I thought these diffusers needed a heat or power source to function. It’s good to know they don’t need any of that. Thanks for sharing about them.

  3. Reply

    I have tried a few different reed diffusers but feel they never gave off a consistent or long lasting scent. Maybe I am missing a trick to them.

    • Mila R
    • March 27, 2023

    OMG, I’m so happy that I found this article, as I do not use any commercial air fresheners. Def going to try this DIY reed diffuser made with essential oils.

    • may
    • March 27, 2023

    this reminds me that i need to replenish some of my EOs. I havent been using my diffuser since we moved here bec our stuff are still all a mess until we move into our new house.

    i havent tried reed diffuser, Ill try it one of these days. how do you know an alcohol’s usp? is it in the label?

  4. Reply

    This is interesting and it’s been a while since I did any DIY project before. Thank you for sharing!

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