Emu Oil for Arthritis

Emu Oil for Arthritis: A Comprehensive Guide

Emu oil for arthritis has become a popular remedy due to its anti-inflammatory and moisturizing properties. It’s also a great treatment for dry or irritated skin, minor cuts and bruises, and other skin conditions. At some point in life, most people experience joint pain, which can be excruciating and debilitating. Arthritis is a common condition […]

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DIY Valentine Gifts

DIY Valentine Gifts with Essential Oils: Bath Salts

Making DIY Valentine gifts like homemade bath salts shows thoughtfulness and effort, making them a memorable gift sure to be appreciated. If you’re looking for a heartfelt Valentine’s Day this year, why not try making some opulent bath salts the object of your affection is sure to adore? This DIY Valentine gift idea will help […]

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nasya oil

Nasya Oil to Get Rid of Stuffy Nose

If you’re desperate on how to get rid of a stuffy nose, one solution that has proven helpful is nasya oil–a remedy of sesame oil infused with herbs. It’s a traditional Ayurvedic stuffy nose remedy. If you’re having problems with congested sinuses, this may be the thing that finally gives you some relief. The best […]

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Poke Root Oil

Poke Root Oil for Breast Health

Thankfully poke root oil is a remedy that has been used for generations to keep breasts healthy. Most likely when you think of breast health your mind goes to breast cancer. However, like any other part of the body, there are multiple diseases associated with the breast. Breasts can develop conditions such as mastitis, hard […]

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Ozonated Oils