Poke Root Oil for Breast Health

Thankfully poke root oil is a remedy that has been used for generations to keep breasts healthy. Most likely when you think of breast health your mind goes to breast cancer. However, like any other part of the body, there are multiple diseases associated with the breast. Breasts can develop conditions such as mastitis, hard lumps, and fluid filled cysts.

Poke Root Oil

What Is Poke Root Oil Used For?

When you think of breast health most likely your mind goes to yearly mammograms and breast cancer, but like any other part of the body, there are multiple diseases associated with the breast. Women are recommended to get regular screenings, but check with your healthcare professional as there is some dispute about the value of yearly mammograms. There’s no dispute about poke root among herbalists, though. It’s been used for generations to keep breasts healthy.

Is Poke Root Toxic?

Poke root is considered a weed–a very stubborn and tenacious weed. Its roots grow deep enough that if you want to remove it, you’ll have to use your truck to pull it out of the ground. Then there is the fact that all parts of the plant are toxic. The roots, stems, berries, seeds, and leaves all contain some amount of poison.


Don’t let the poison scare you offYou can find it in your local supermarket with canned vegetablesPoke Salet has been eaten for generations. You just have to know how to cook it. The leaves are safe to eat if you boil them three times each in clean water.

Back to the subject at hand—healthy breasts. Since breasts are made up of mostly fatty tissue and lymph, they’re especially susceptible to absorbing toxins from the environment. Many of these toxins come from personal care products—aluminum from antiperspirants, phthalates found in cosmetics, etc.

Poke root is especially good at moving lymph fluid. Herbalists use it routinely for problems associated with the breasts because it’s good at dissolving lumps (tumors) as well as swelling and inflammation in the breast, and some herbalists claim to have cured breast cancer with it.

Author and herbalist Susun Weed recommends applying a generous amount to the lump, covering it with a flannel cloth, and a hot water bottle.

How Do You Make Poke Root Infused Oil?

Although poke root oil has a good reputation for helping to maintain breast health, the plant is nothing to mess around with. Poke root is not for use by pregnant women or children. If you’re not a trained herbalist, don’t go trying to make your own tinctures or oils from this plant. Use it according to directions, and if you discover a lump in your breast get yourself to a doctor.

FAQ – Poke Root Oil for Breast Health


ReferencesBreast Cancer? Breast Health! The Wise Woman Way (Wise Woman Herbal Series)

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    Not aware of this product. I think the most impressive fact is that it can actually dissolve away benign tumors.

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